Marathon High School FBLA Project

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Marathon High School FBLA Project

Over the last two weeks, the Marathon High School Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) members organized a series of events to educate students on the American Free Enterprise System.  Five local businesses talked to high school students regarding the importance of shopping local, how global markets affect their businesses, and the advantages/disadvantages of doing business in a small town. Listening to local business leaders present was not only a chance to gain career advice, but also a great way for students to learn more about local career opportunities after high school.

FBLA members then took what they learned from the business leaders and presented to middle school students about the different aspects that make up the American Free Enterprise System and how each of those aspects affect their daily life. Middle school students also had the opportunity to work with FBLA members to create and design a new product idea.

Marathon FBLA felt the responsibility to educate students of the American Free Enterprise System with hopes that students will retain the knowledge shared with them, enjoy the freedoms they have, and use those freedoms to positively affect the communities they reside in.

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