Police Department

The Marathon City Police department has progressed over the years from having a village marshal to having a police chief, one full time officer, and four part time police officers.

Contact Information

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Marathon City Police Department
311 Walnut Street
Marathon, Wisconsin 54448

Emergency Phone:
Non-Emergency Phone:
(715) 443-2470

Community Involvement

The Marathon City Police Department is heavily involved in the community it protects. Marathon City Police Officers volunteer their off duty time for the following programs

  • DARE
  • Marathon Fun Run (benefits local charities)
  • Special Olympics Wisconsin
  • Lion’s Club
  • American Legion
  • Hunter’s Safety
  • Snowmobile Safety

Marathon City Police Department History


The earliest police logs were found in the “Police Justice Docket” dated July 2nd, 1924. Herman Greuger was the acting marshal. The Police Justice Docket was a hand written log of arrests, citations, and court rulings.

It listed offenses, how the accused plead in the case, and citation amount. Marathon City held its own court proceedings. Citations ranged from $5.00 for being intoxicated in public to $25.00 for speeding in the village limits. Ninety percent of the logged complaints were for being intoxicated in public, fighting, and speeding in the village.

Being intoxicated was a violation of Prohibition which was enforced from 1920 to 1933. In some cases offenders were put on probation under the village marshal for as much as 30 days. The Police Justice Docket was used to record violations from July 2nd, 1924 until September 20th, 1941.

Around March 20th, 1926, John Dreugler became the acting Marathon City Marshal
Around December 23rd, 1926, Gust Franke became the acting Marathon City Marshal
Around August 12th, 1937, S. C. Krueger became the acting Marathon City Marshal
Around September 7th, 1937, Matt Vetter became the acting town Marathon City Marshal

Additional Marathon City Marshals and Police Chiefs

* Names are not in chronological order*

  • Ed Wagner
  • Dick Seubert
  • Mark Lang
  • George Ellis
  • Dale Sauter
  • Lauren Knoeck
  • Kory Gertschen (present police Chief)

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